5 Ways to use our Room Mists in your space.

5 Ways to use our Room Mists in your space.

As you will have seen, we have recently launched our new collection of Room Mists which are perfect for year round fragrance, with almost all being purely essential oil based making them the perfect addition to your wellness routine. Here are some of my favourite ways to use room mists in and around my space.

Spritz on the sheets.

One of my all time favourite ways to use our room mists, namely our Off Duty blend and Rest Blend. Spritz before bed on the sheets, pillow and bedding to create a calming, serene retreat for those restful slumbers. Off Duty features notes of Lavender, Thyme and Ylang Ylang Essential oils while our Rest Blend features notes of Lavender, Tonka Bean, Eucalyptus, Bergamot + Patchouli. 

Top Tip; If you’re wanting to create a restful and calming space for sleep always opt for Lavender based blends - we find these are the most relaxing and Lavender Essential Oil is a proven, gentle way to fall into a relaxing sleep. 

Boost your work from home productivity. 

Brighten up your work environment, whether that be at home or on the go with energizing blends like Tranquility - a blend of invigorating May Chang and floral Neroli Essential Oils. A few sprays of the mist in your workspace can help clear the mind, increase focus and enhance productivity, making it perfect for work or study sessions.

Welcome Your Guests.

Create an inviting atmosphere in your entryway by spraying our room mist near your front door. Choose welcoming and fresh scents such as linen or lavender - our Sanctuary blend and Off Duty blends are perfect for this.

Incorporate into your wellness routine.

Room mists are perfect for incorporating into your regular wellness routine, whether it be reading a book or meditating, yoga or exercise - our room mists are perfect for setting the mood. Citrus based and Lavender based blends are perfect for this but it really varies on what you are wanting to achieve.

Post clean spritz.

Give your linens, curtains and upholstered furniture a quick freshen up after cleaning with a room mist. Spray on fabrics to eliminate odours and infuse your fabrics with long lasting fragrance. My favourite for this one is Sanctuary!